Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mermaid Inn - Lobsterpalooza

I hit the Mermaid Inn with my sister, BIL, and nephew, right after catching some of the March Madness games on TV. One game went really well, one didn't, but I'm still #2 in my group's brackets if you're wondering.

We managed to hit the Mermaid Inn while Happy Hour was still going on so we got some oysters and drinks. The BIL tried the Pork Slap pale ale and I enjoyed the "Dark and Stormier" cocktail  which featured Gosling's rum, Domaine de Canton (a ginger liquer), and ginger beer. 

I wish I had taken a picture of the oysters--they were the best part of the meal--so fresh, like I was enjoying them dockside.

We all went with the Lobsterpalooza which features a 1.5 pound lobster with potatoes and roasted corn cob.

I have to say this isn't the first time we've hit Lobsterpalooza, but this was probably the first time we were somewhat let down by it.  The lobster seemed a bit overcooked, as if it had been cooked earlier in the day and re-steamed right before it was served to us.  The shell was somewhat soggy (instead of the bright snap) as if boiled in water for a long time with the tail and body meat fairly tough, though the claw meat managed to be tender (at least in mine).  Given the last times we've really enjoyed Lobsterpalooza so we were somewhat disappointed to hit them on an off day.

The service is friendly and efficient--though this time, it was almost too efficient as a staff member cleared away the flat bread while we were still enjoying it post-lobster.  What didn't disappoint is their standard inclusive dessert--a mini tea cup of chocolate mousse with Fortune Teller fish.  Just the right size and sweetness to end the meal:

All in all, we'll probably hit the Maiden Inn again but we may stick to the oysters and cocktails next time.

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