Sunday, March 18, 2012

Northern Spy Food Company

When visiting New York, I love eating out in the East Village. This morning we brunched at Northern Spy Food Company and it was awesome.

We started out with some drinks--I had the refreshing fuji-apple mimosa, where the apple was very subtle,  my BIL had their Bloody Mary, which was nice and spicy, and my sister had the lemon seltzer:

We started out with some biscuits and apple butter.  The substantial biscuits were tender and flaky and the apple butter was amazing.  I've had apple butter before but I'm guessing they make it fresh here because it was deliciously bright and flavorful:

I enjoyed the Kale Salad with two baked eggs.  The combination of the almonds and the cheeses with the kale was a wonderful savory balance to the richness of the eggs.

My sister enjoyed Polenta with eggs (which I loved as well) and my BIL had the Corned Beef Hash which was quite unlike the stuff I remembered as a kid that came in a can.  I should have taken pictures--it had hearty cubes of beef brisket with roasted potatoes.  my BIL was very impressed.

This little guy had his own food but the staff was kind enough to cut him an apple as well:

Which I have to say, the staff charmed the adults as well. The service was great, friendly, and aimed to please--from the hostess who got us our table to the waiters to the friendly kitchen staff that waved hello to my cute nephew. I'm pretty sure we'd all love to come here again.

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  1. man ny has good food! is it better than here?? i just made my own corned beef hash with leftover st. patty's corned beef and OMGGGG it's good.